Relevant Problems in Fumigation of LVL Packaging Plywood

Relevant Problems in Fumigation of LVL Packaging Plywood

Plywood is synthetic board, no need for fumigation, direct export, international common, but some foreign customers, there is this requirement, that is, even if the fumigation-free plywood material or to the fumigation room stamp, specific or depend on customer requirements.

Friends who make packing boxes are very concerned about whether the boards need to be fumigated or not, because this not only affects the cost of making packing boxes, but also concerns the efficiency of production. And the manufacturers of LVL packaging boards dare to promise that they can use their packaging boards without fumigation. How do they do that?

The reason why packing boxes need fumigation is fear of being moth-eaten, and LVL packaging boards need to undergo high temperature and pressure treatment for up to 10 hours in the production process, after which any insect pests in the treated wood will be killed. So customers can buy it and make it directly without fumigation.

In addition, customers will generally tell LVL packaging board manufacturers the size they need when they buy, so before shipment, manufacturers will make and cut all products according to customers’requirements, so that customers do not need to re-cut when using, saving time.

Specific circumstances depend on customer requirements, such as Australian authorities do not require fumigation certificates for entry plywood, but Australia, as the most stringent country in the world for entry quarantine requirements, lists plywood as wood products to be quarantined for entry. If the relevant certificate of disposal can not be provided at customs clearance, the goods will be subject to full carton quarantine inspection, or accept the Australian disposal party. It can be released.

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