Requirements for raw materials in plywood production

Requirements for raw materials in plywood production

In the production of wood-based panels, plywood is the main type of laminated wood with veneer as the basic unit. The requirements for logs of this kind of products are: log quality, log length and log diameter grade.

Log quality, such as large taper, mechanical damage, ring crack, end crack, scar, hollow, decayed core and other defects, can reduce the utilization rate of wood; logs with oblique texture, knots, scroll, discoloration, etc., can reduce the surface quality and strength of veneers, thereby affecting the quality of plywood products.

Log Length – According to the national standard, log gauge length for plywood is 4m, 5m, 6m, and length tolerance is cm. According to the specifications of production boards, the reasonable length of wood segments is selected.

Diameter grade of logs – the diameter of logs directly affects the wood yield and labor productivity. Our country stipulates that the minimum diameter of plywood is 26 cm, and the calibration diameter is progressive according to 2 cm. With the development and utilization of fast-growing plantation resources, it is a trend that the diameter grade of veneer timber decreases.

In addition to the above requirements, special attention should also be paid to wood properties. Trees with high density, high hardness or severe warping after drying should be avoided. Different tree species have different wood properties. Raw materials should not be mixed at will during processing.

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