Requirements of Birch Veneer for Storage Environment

Requirements of Birch Veneer for Storage Environment

Birch veneer comes from birch, so it preserves some of the advantages of birch, but also some unavoidable shortcomings. This also makes birch veneers have special requirements for storage environment.

First of all, the birch veneer also needs to be carefully maintained that it is easier to crack when it is dry, and there is the possibility of occasional slight bending up. This requires that we should not put it in the sunshine when storing, and at the same time, pay attention to keeping the humidity of the environment where the birch veneer is located in a timely manner when it is too dry.

In addition, birch veneers are not corrosion-resistant and are not easy to preserve in corrosive environment. Therefore, when preserving birch veneers, we need to pay attention not to prevent birch veneers from being in highly corrosive places.

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