Responsibilities of quality engineer of plywood supplier

Responsibilities of quality engineer of plywood supplier

Before talking about the specific responsibilities of quality engineer of plywood supplier, we should first look at the role of quality engineer of plywood supplier.

For many manufacturing organizations, it is hoped that plywood suppliers can participate in the selection of plywood suppliers, assist in the selection of qualified plywood suppliers, and urge existing plywood suppliers to upgrade and continuously improve. At the same time, they can optimize the plywood suppliers and eliminate the unqualified plywood suppliers.

For plywood suppliers, we hope that the customer’s plywood supplier quality engineer can pass on the customer’s requirements and promote the improvement of plywood supplier’s ability, at the same time, urge the smooth completion of new projects, and assist in dealing with quality problems in a timely manner.

For the whole supply chain, we hope to improve the competitiveness of the whole supply chain through the work of quality engineers of plywood suppliers.

Based on the analysis of the role of quality engineer of plywood supplier, several main responsibilities of quality engineer of plywood supplier are summarized

Plywood supplier review: whether to introduce new plywood suppliers or to improve plywood suppliers as a whole, quality engineers of plywood suppliers need to review plywood suppliers, make plywood suppliers understand customer expectations, identify gaps with expectations and take actions to improve.

Promote APQP plan of plywood suppliers: for the development of new projects, the impact of plywood suppliers on the project is obvious. How to make plywood suppliers understand the requirements of customers and carry out work to meet the requirements of customers, it is necessary to carry out APQP work. The quality engineer of plywood supplier needs to confirm the APQP development plan with the plywood supplier and promote it, coordinate to solve the problems in the development process, and help to successfully complete the development work and meet the project requirements.

Quality problem handling: as a quality engineer of plywood supplier, quality problem handling should be the most fundamental responsibility. How to teach and assist plywood suppliers to use appropriate quality tools to deal with pre-sale and after-sale problems, and at the same time, to prevent the occurrence of problems from the system level.

To urge the overall improvement of plywood suppliers: This is the high-level goal of plywood supplier quality engineers. Only when the overall strength of plywood suppliers is improved and they can actively carry out systematic and comprehensive management, the work of plywood supplier quality engineers will be reduced and the pressure will be reduced. The content of overall improvement can include but not limited to system, design, logistics, quality, manufacturing, cost, etc.

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