Revealing that so-called “aldehyde-free” wood-based panels do not completely contain formaldehyde

Revealing that so-called “aldehyde-free” wood-based panels do not completely contain formaldehyde

At present, the qualified standard of domestic interior furniture panel is E1 grade, and the standard of E1 grade plate is that the formaldehyde content is not higher than 1.5mg/L. According to the national standard, the formaldehyde concentration in indoor air should not be higher than 0.08mg/m2, and the grade E1 plate should be replaced every two hours only at room temperature below 23 degrees. The air quality can not reach the standard unless the area is no more than 36% of the indoor area.

So what we usually say about aldehyde-free sheets are deceptive?

Of course not. In fact, this is a complete misunderstanding, as long as the wood is used as raw material for the production of plates, it is impossible to achieve a complete absence of formaldehyde. That is to say, after purchasing the basic E0 furniture, the air quality of a 100 square meter house can only just reach the standard. If the floor is laid and the ceiling is installed, the air quality will not meet the standard.

What does aldehyde-free sheet really mean?

This problem should be compared. In order to obtain NAF formaldehyde-free certification, in addition to providing inspection reports issued by authoritative agencies, the California CARB Certification Authority will also be stationed in the sheet manufacturing plant for three months, until it is recognized that the raw materials, production process and final products are formaldehyde-free and pollution-free, then the NAF formaldehyde-free certification will be awarded. Referring to the word “aldehyde-free”, most people may understand that there is no formaldehyde at all. That is to say, in a room of 100 square meters, there are two big wardrobes of E1 class, and the formaldehyde concentration will exceed the standard. At present, E0 class board, which is widely publicized by furniture vendors, should be used in the same room temperature and ventilation conditions as E1 class board, so that the indoor air quality can not reach the standard unless the use area of the board does not exceed 200% of the indoor area. 。

The reason is that pure natural wood itself contains formaldehyde. Scientists have not yet figured out why natural wood contains formaldehyde, but it is certain that formaldehyde in natural wood is harmless to human body.

Because spacecraft, aircraft, automobiles, high-speed rail, these special environmental space is narrow, blocked, and the air is not circulating, the environmental protection requirements of plates are higher, and the E1 and E0 grade plates can not meet this requirement. In 1993, California enacted a law specifying that formaldehyde content of aldehyde-free wood should not be higher than 0.04 mg/L, that is, formaldehyde content of wood should not be higher than that of natural wood itself. Domestic plate industry generally has E2, E1, E0, NAF aldehyde-free four grades, “aldehyde-free” is one of the environmental protection grade, is the highest and most stringent environmental protection grade of plate. Therefore, it is impossible to produce wood-based panels without formaldehyde at all. Only NAF aldehyde-free sheets can be used arbitrarily in such special narrow spaces as spacecraft, aircraft, automobiles and high-speed railways. California law stipulates that green buildings in the United States must use aldehyde-free environmental protection panels.

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