Rong County, Guangxi “the capital of bending plywood (bending plate) in China”

Rong County, Guangxi “the capital of bending plywood (bending plate) in China”

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On December 29, China furniture industry cluster conference and the second session of the Seventh Council of China Furniture Association were held in Chengdu to commend the advanced enterprises in China’s furniture industry cluster. Guangxi Rongxian Linfeng plywood factory, Guangxi Rongxian Runda Furniture Co., Ltd., Guangxi Rongxian jinyiduo Furniture Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Rongxian kaimao Wood Industry Co., Ltd. were awarded the title of “brand enterprise of China’s furniture industry cluster”.

Rong county has a forest area of 2.19 million mu, with a forest coverage rate of 74.16%. There are 113 production enterprises in the bending plywood industry in the county, including 36 enterprises above Designated Size and 21000 employees, forming fixed assets of more than 2 billion yuan, and the annual design scale output can reach more than 3 million cubic meters. The bending plywood produced in Rong County accounts for more than 90% of the market in Guangdong, the main distribution center of bending in China, and accounts for 70% of the bending plywood in China. Rong county has gradually become the largest bending plywood production base in China and even the world. In May 2020, Rong County was awarded the title of “Rong County, the capital of bending plywood (bending) in China” by China Light Industry Federation and China Furniture Association. On September 25, 2021, the National Conference on scientific and technological innovation and industrial development of light industry was held in Beijing. Rong County went to Beijing to receive the plaque of “Rong County, the capital of bending plywood (bending) in China”.

In order to expand and strengthen the forest products industry, Rong county plans to invest 15 billion yuan, plan to build Guangxi ecological board furniture industrial park with a total land area of about 6500 mu, introduce a number of leading enterprises in deep processing of forest products with high scientific and technological content and strong strength, focus on building a 10 billion ecological board furniture industrial cluster, drive the transformation and upgrading of the forest products industry, and promote the forest products industry of the whole county to further extend the industrial chain, Build Rong County into a “distribution base of ecological panel furniture in Southeast Guangxi”.

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