Rongxian County, Guangxi, is the largest ecological furniture production base in China

Rongxian County, Guangxi, is the largest ecological furniture production base in China

Medium (High) Density Fiberboard

According to the statistics of the Forestry Department of Rongxian County, there are more than 450 large and small forestry enterprises in Rongxian County, including more than 60 large-scale wood-based panels and special plywood manufacturing enterprises. Become the largest ecological panel furniture production base in China.

Rong County is a large forestry county in Guangxi. The timber forest area of the county is more than 30,000 hectares. The total forest volume is 15.384 million cubic meters, and the forest coverage rate is 67.92%. In recent years, Rongxian has made great efforts to promote the supply-side reform of forest industry and achieve high-quality development by establishing ecological panel furniture industrial park, attracting enterprises to gather, forming industrial clusters and building ecological panel furniture economy.

Rongxian County, through cooperation with the Forestry College of Guangxi University, has designated the forestry enterprises as the learning and practice bases for college students. Through school-enterprise cooperation, Rongxian Forestry Industry Association or enterprises often invite experts and professors to train them on enterprise image design, improvement of management level, product adaptation to diversified needs, improvement of staff quality, design and manufacture of mid-and high-end products suitable for different nationalities and even different families at home and abroad, and reflecting certain cultural elements. Products, in order to achieve the high-quality development of the entire panel furniture industry and other content for discussion and training, so that the county’s forestry industry rapidly upgraded in an all-round way.

At present, the company has put into production and supply of 26 arts and crafts furniture products in the market, of which 10 chairs have won national invention patents. Because of the comfortable, elegant and luxurious features of all kinds of furniture products produced by the company, they are well sold all over the country and exported to the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Germany, with high added value.

Rongxian forestry industry attaches great importance to energy saving and eco-environmental protection, so that energy consumption, material consumption and other costs of the whole industry continue to decline, economic benefits are more obvious. The County plywood enterprises in the production process of scrap wood, sawdust, bark, tree branches and other “waste” all recycled, an average of 60 tons per day, made into high-quality (high) density fiberboard for sale, not only greatly reduce product costs, increase added value, but also conducive to the county’s forestry industry’s ecological environment protection and income.

In addition, in the process of transformation and upgrading, the forestry industry in Rongxian County generally adopts intelligent technology, with fewer workers than before, more stable product quality and stronger market competitiveness.

Nowadays, more than 60 special-shaped plywood enterprises in the county specialize in producing all kinds of high-grade office chair series chair boards and furniture. Because of the high scientific and technological content and good quality of products, they have formed brands and famous brands throughout the country, especially in Guangdong market, which has become the main brand and occupied 80% of the special-shaped plywood market in Guangdong.

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