Russian Import Log Tariff in 2020

Russian Import Log Tariff in 2020

According to the information previously published on the website of the Russian Far East Development Ministry, the Russian government has formulated new tariff quotas and export tariffs for some timber categories. It intends to impose tariff quotas on fish scales, white pine, cinnamon pine and larch produced in the Russian Far East. It will impose quotas on logs exported from the Russian Far East and revise export tariffs within the export tariff quotas.

In recent years, with the implementation of natural forest protection projects in China, a large number of imported timber has flooded into the Chinese market, filling the gap of domestic timber. China imports unprocessed timber and sawn timber, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Russia and China have diversified timber imports. All countries want to win a place in China’s timber and wood products market. ,

And for Russia, the export of timber is an important source of economic, the government will not easily stop. At present, the main reason why Russia opposes timber export is that the added value of industry is too low.

Those who oppose timber exports should be those who want to encourage the government to upgrade logging technology and build factories in Russia to increase the added value of exports. But the Russian timber industry is mainly distributed in the Far East. In order to increase the economic proportion of coniferous wood species, only large-scale wood processing plants can make comprehensive use of them, such as sawdust burning, cutting area residues and wood residues for papermaking or wood-based panels, and high-quality coniferous wood in wood-making can produce integrated timber. This is a labor-intensive industry, huge factories and all kinds of mechanical equipment connected, high input, coordination of warehousing and logistics, but also at any time according to the requirements of the market to produce products, ensure the rapid return of production and marketing funds, in order to have considerable profits and substantial development.

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