Russian-Xuzhou Timber Import Train Line Opened

Russian-Xuzhou Timber Import Train Line Opened

2019-06-19 Source: Xinhua Daily 2019-06-19来源:新华日报

On the morning of the 18th, the “Xuzhou” China-Europe liner, composed of 50 trucks of containers, loaded with 2500 cubic meters of Russian local timber products, slowly entered Tongshan Station, Xuzhou Railway Freight Center, marking the successful opening of the first Russian-Xuzhou timber import liner.

“The opening of”Xuzhou”Wood Central Europe Banquet will greatly reduce the logistics cost of imported wood in Xuzhou, attract the gathering of wood furniture import and export and processing trade enterprises, and help Xuzhou to build the Huaihai Economic Zone and even the National Wood Distribution Center and export furniture production and processing base.” Li Xiaodong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Xuzhou State Investment Group, said that in the future, it will continue to encrypt back-to-back shifts, gradually expand the import of grain, ice-fresh aquatic products, meat and automobiles, and guide more local industries to “go out” and “introduce” two-way development.

Up to now, Xuzhou has set up 133 China-EU Banquets with a total trade volume exceeding US$330 million.

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