Sandwich Combination Core (CFC Core ) Platform

Sandwich Combination Core (CFC Core ) Platform

Combination Fiber Core (CFC)  weds the best attributes of MDF/Particle Board core and veneer core. The center cores are cross banded hardwood, providing strength, light weight and screw-holding capability. The outer cores are MDF,hardboard or particle board, giving a flat, uniform surface for the face veneers. However, combination core is a compromise: It doesn’t have the screw-holding capability and rigidity of veneer core, or the flatness and stability of MDF or particle board core.

Combination core,   as it is sometimes called, is, as the name infers, a pre-assembled or line by line construction of core and face and back utilizing a very thin layer of engineered core as the outer ply (cross band)of a core construction that has veneer components as the remainder of the sandwich. It is highly desirable where both smoothness and strength are critical. The trade-off is that it is still not quite as strong as veneer core, and it is can be subject to thickness fluctuations.Combination core is constructed of veneer core inner plies with particleboard or MDF cross bands next to the face and back. Offers similar strength and stability to veneer core but has the void-free surface quality of PBC or MDF. Combination core  panels replace veneer crossbands with a thin layers of MDF which visibly reduce core veneer telegraphing.

Veneer Core (VC)

particleboard (PBC)

medium density fiberboard (MDF)

Lumber Core (LC)

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