Sapele mahogany plywood Inspection and QC checklist

Sapele mahogany plywood Inspection and QC checklist

When inspect the Sapele Mahogany plywood ,as the name showing ,they are very easy to confuse buyers and sellers .

Sapele plywood can be grouped to commercial plywood such as rotary cut whole piece of face veneer plywood to Mexico or other countries and sell at commercial plywood prices .

Sapele Mahogany plywood can also grouped to fancy plywood ,rotary cut and plain slice as the most expensive fancy plywood .

So ,when make the Sapele mahogany plywood Inspection ,should be very careful ,the quality grading rules are too much difference especially the substrate platforms and surface grading and manufacutring defects .

Many factories are using the similar Okoume to replace Sapele and Mahogany ,that is wrong thing and that is why their prices are lower ,but quality are different and wood grain are different .


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