Science and technology are self-reliant, time is not waiting for me

Science and technology are self-reliant, time is not waiting for me

Huawei’s “extreme pressure” from the United States once again proves that China can not buy a modernization. Only by adhering to the independence of science and technology and firmly grasping the key technologies and core equipment in its own hands, can we fundamentally guarantee national economic security and take the stride of high-quality development.

Faced with the “extreme pressure” of the United States, Huawei Hess has become a well-known brand overnight from the obscure “spare tire”.

There have been some doubts about why China must be independent in innovation and science and technology. Especially in the era of globalization, in the international industrial chain you have me, I have you, in-depth integration, we have the highest cost-effective division of labor and cooperation, can we rely on imports?

Our plywood enterprises should be more proactive. It is also necessary to make the ultimate survival hypothesis that all American importers will no longer import Chinese plywood, actively expand the market outside the United States, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises and product integration. What we do for quality inspection is also that we need to constantly read modern competitive information, not be replaced or prevented, constantly learn, constantly innovate and integrate, and find more ways. Prevent unemployment in the next few years.

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