Screw-holding capacity of two furniture-grade plywoods

Ultimate screw withdrawal loads (USWLs) from panel face and edge of furniture-grade southern pine (Pinus spp.) and sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua L.) plywood were evaluated at five moisture contents (MCs). Both face and edge USWL decreased in general with increases in MC within the hygroscopic range. The effect of moisture on edge USWL was more pronounced than on face USWL. For each plywood, USWL from the panel face was significantly larger than the USWL value from the panel edge. At higher MC levels, edge screw-holding capacities deteriorated more rapidly than face screw-holding capacities. For plywood with comparable properties (e.g., panel thickness, bending stiffness and strength), wood species (pine vs. sweetgum) had an insignificant effect on USWL. Thus, sweetgum plywood is as good as pine plywood in screw-holding strength.

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