Selection and Purchasing Skills of HPL  laminates

Selection and Purchasing Skills of HPL  laminates


HPL  panels are widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, exterior walls and other fields. This paper briefly introduces the selection of HPL  panels: HPL  panels have become the leading products in the cabinet market because of their brilliant color, many patterns, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, waterproof, moisture-proof and other characteristics, and have been increasingly introduced. The more families choose and accept.


The selection of fire-proof cabinet laminates s should pay attention to the following aspects.


The characteristics of high-quality fire-proof laminates :


  1. The design is clear and thorough, the effect is realistic and the stereoscopic sense is strong.


  1. No chromatic aberration;


  1. The surface is smooth and wear-resistant.


The characteristics of excellent base plate are as follows:


  1. The formaldehyde content of density plate does not exceed the standard.


  1. Woodworking laminates s have no gaps to look at the cross-section;


  1. The surface is smooth and compact. Particular attention should be paid to whether the doorlaminates  is deformed when purchasing.


Individual illegal manufacturers use recycled density laminates s as substrates to produce cabinet laminates s. Door laminates s are easily deformed and self-tapping of joints is easy to fall off. Whether imported or domestic HPL  panels are used for cabinet panels, because there are great differences in production quality and technological level between manufacturers, customers must check whether there is a “product quality certificate” of provincial and municipal furniture quality inspection departments when purchasing, in order to prevent the hidden danger of bad products to your family life.

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