Semi-finished Plywood product Conditioning

Plywood semi-finished product Conditioning is to make plywood adapt to local dry and humidity, plywood located in indoor ventilation environment, after a period of conditioning, stabilize the moisture content of plywood, plywood manufacturers to ensure the stability of wood and to ensure that the moisture content of wood in 8% to 12%. Only when the wood is stable in nature can it be processed later.




Benefits of plywood conditioning: After conditioning, the stability of plywood will be greatly improved, cracking will not occur, and the degree of expansion will become smaller, which is conducive to grasping the precise size, and the internal and surface of plywood substrate will not rebound and local unevenness or collapse will occur.


The drying plywood is classified according to its quality and needs to be maintained and conditioned for a certain period of time to make the quality of the plywood more stable, so the production time of the plywood generally takes more than two weeks.


After conditioning,, the plywood substrate can be sanded without rebound, and then laminated to reduce the processing defects of the plywood surface.

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