Seven functions of plywood supplier management

Seven functions of plywood supplier management

Plywood manufacturers should establish mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with plywood suppliers. If plywood manufacturers can select qualified plywood suppliers, they will solve most of the supply problems, that is, the production capacity of plywood suppliers will be transformed into the help of plywood manufacturers. Therefore, the management of plywood suppliers is one of the important work contents of plywood production enterprises.

Plywood manufacturers should strengthen the management of plywood suppliers and pay attention to the cooperation between plywood suppliers and enterprises. The role of plywood supplier management mainly includes the following seven aspects:

1、 Ensure that potential plywood suppliers can be developed continuously

Through the establishment of a complete set of plywood supplier selection and certification system and the development and management of plywood suppliers according to the development plan of plywood suppliers, the quality and quantity of potential plywood suppliers can be ensured.

2、 Reduce cost and improve enterprise profitability

The price of raw materials or plywood veneer will ultimately affect the price and competitiveness of products. For the sake of profit, the analysis of product supply price, the strengthening of price negotiation with plywood suppliers and the control of supply cost can effectively reduce the production cost and improve the profitability of enterprises.

3、 Ensure the delivery quality of plywood suppliers and the quality of products

The quality control of plywood suppliers has become a key link in the quality control of plywood production enterprises. To strengthen the quality control of plywood suppliers is to cooperate with plywood suppliers to ensure the quality of raw and auxiliary materials and ensure the quality of products from the source.

4、 Ensure timely delivery of plywood suppliers


The delay of the delivery date of plywood suppliers will undoubtedly hinder the smooth progress of normal production activities of enterprises and bring various negative effects to the production site and relevant departments. Therefore, it is one of the core functions of plywood supplier management to improve the on-time delivery ability of plywood suppliers by strengthening the delivery time control of plywood suppliers.

5、 Optimize the supply chain management and improve the quick response ability of enterprises

The introduction of information technology to assist the management of plywood suppliers and realize the information optimization of plywood supplier management is conducive to the transformation of production mode, operation mode and business process, re integration of internal and external resources of enterprises, optimization of supply chain management, so as to improve the rapid response ability of enterprises.

6、 Supervise and coach plywood suppliers to improve their deficiencies and achieve a win-win situation

Combined with the evaluation information and regular assessment opinions of plywood suppliers, timely release of information (including the list and opinions of all kinds of plywood suppliers) can promote the plywood suppliers to improve their management and service level and enhance their competitiveness.

7、 Develop and maintain good cooperative relationship with plywood suppliers

According to the category, importance and closeness of the purchased materials, all plywood suppliers are classified (including strategic plywood suppliers, important plywood suppliers, ordinary plywood suppliers and alternative plywood suppliers, etc.), and the differentiated relationship management and control of plywood suppliers can keep the most suitable cooperative relationship between the two parties 。

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