Several Common Veneer Quality Problems of Rotary Cutting Machine

Several Common Veneer Quality Problems of Rotary Cutting Machine

Now the China rotary veneer cutting machine can spin out very thin veneer, but if the machine fails, the quality of the veneer will be affected, as well as the efficiency of production. So today, we introduce some common problems of rotary cutting veneer, I believe it will be helpful to you.

1. Wood bark rolling:

This situation is generally caused by too narrow knife door or too high tool holder. The solution is very simple. We need to loosen the sleeper screw and adjusting screw at both ends, widen the knife door, reduce the height of the knife, and then tighten the screw, so that we can solve the problem of winding the wood skin.

2. Uneven thickness of bark:

It is mainly due to the damage of the distance measuring or speed measuring encoder or electronic ruler. Solution: Set the fast-forward frequency to 2Hz, and observe whether the diameter change of logs is continuous. If there is still a pause, it means that the ranging encoder is broken and needs to be replaced. If the speed of the roller is not consistent with the actual speed, the speed measuring encoder needs to be replaced.

3. The bark of the rotary cutting is wavy.

This situation is usually caused by too much resistance to feed. Solution: Check whether the output current of idle time converter is greater than 5 amperes, if it exceeds the need to adjust the machine, check whether the resistance caused by poor lubrication is too large.

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