Shandong has become the world’s largest production base of wood-based panel plywood!

Shandong has become the world’s largest production base of wood-based panel plywood!

According to industry reports, Shandong, Pizhou of Jiangsu, Nanning of Guangxi and Zhangzhou of Fujian have become the new “four bases” for plywood manufacturers, among which Weifang and Linyi of Shandong are the largest production and trade bases in China. Why can Shandong become the largest plywood production base?

Under the impact of the new global economy, economic restructuring and transformation have become very urgent. Shandong plywood manufacturers are keenly aware of the prelude of supply-side reform. Four outstanding problems in the original industry are summarized.

1. The product structure is single and not rich enough to meet the diverse needs of the market and the changing fashion style.

2. As the leading construction formwork industry, the production technology is not high, the added value is low, the cost orientation is obvious, and the real estate market is a little rough, the manufacturers will face serious difficulties.

3. The scale is not enough, and the “workshop-style” production organization has not been eliminated. The manufacturers are hesitant to expand reproduction.

4. Environmental problems are not paid enough attention and ecology is difficult to harmonize.

Through long-term efforts, Shandong plywood manufacturers have surpassed some of the original leading industrial bases and become four major plywood production bases in China by solving the above problems.

So how does Shandong plywood industry achieve this?

1. Firstly, we should make clear the market orientation, keep up with the market demand, forecast the market development trend and keep up with the trend of industrial diversification.

2. Secondly, introducing the mode of production organization in industrial parks and making use of the mode of cooperation, we can make the factories operate in a pluralistic way, divide up the upstream and downstream, cooperate with each other, maximize the scale effect, promote the scale of small and medium-sized enterprises, and refine the production.

3. Thirdly, we should reform production mode, improve production equipment and promote ecological harmony. Through standardized measures such as boiler transformation, flue gas treatment and water treatment, the degree of environmental friendliness has been greatly improved.

4. Finally, the government’s management mechanism has been strengthened to provide necessary services for the industrial transformation and upgrading of Shandong plywood manufacturers under effective supervision.

The transformation and upgrading of the plywood industry in the Industrial Park proceeds in a gradual way, which provides sufficient buffer time for the adjustment of the plywood manufacturers and ensures the steady development of Shandong plywood manufacturers.

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