Shandong plywood manufacturers tell you why the color of plywood darkens

Shandong plywood manufacturers tell you why the color of plywood darkens

Why does the color of plywood fade over time? How to avoid the darkening of the color in daily use? The following will be introduced by Shandong plywood manufacturers.

1. In the humid environment, the surface of plywood will be mildewed, so in the process of using, we should pay attention to moisture-proof, do not let it be rained, can not be directly installed on the wall and other places.

2. In order to prevent the skin from exploding, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and the indoor air should not be too dry.

3. Clean the surface of Weifang plywood with twisted dry cloth, and pay attention not to exert too much, so as not to peel off the paint on the surface of the plywood.

4. If it is used indoors, we should pay attention to ventilation.

Shandong plywood manufacturer mainly produces 5-30MM poplar, eucalyptus, Eucalyptus multilayer board, furniture board, cabinet board, veneer board, melamine board, panel mainly Okoume, birch, poplar, red oak, shellfish fir, rubber wood, ash and so on.

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