SHop grade plywood ,These plywood sheets may be mill overruns or have slight defects .

Defects: broken corners, missing core at edges only, larger split than in on-grade, press marks, some missing face in small areas, some square variation.

Shop Grade

The Shop Grade is one further step down in grading and does permit some blows and consequently can occur delamination when cutting down.
Plywood is available in four common grades.  Grades AA through E represent the quality of each side of the sheet of plywood,  with grade AA being the highest quality with no defects in the visible veneer.  Plywood that does not meet the criteria for these grades, is marketed as shop grade or mill-certified plywood. It probably has a really good side and a slightly less good side.  Shop grade veneer will yield an 85% plus useable panel.  Panels down graded to shop are due in large part because of “sand throughs” in face veneers or veneers not covering the full length or width of the panel.  De-lamination in not more than 15% of the panel is allowed in shop grade.  It can also include sheets of plywood damaged in shipping.  This type of damage often occurs along the edges of the sheet.

Shop Plywood

Products: For applications where performance is required but certification is not necessary. Shop and downfall panels are offered for machining into smaller components. Composed cross bands for tight core gap tolerances.

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