Shuyang wood-based panel industry cluster accelerates agglomeration

Shuyang wood-based panel industry cluster accelerates agglomeration

January 10, 2022 source: fast news

“Warmly celebrate the successful downline of the first board of Jiangsu fuhuilin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.” On the morning of July 7, the participants of the second plenary session of the sixth municipal Party committee walked into the production workshop of Jiangsu fuhuilin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. under a striking red banner, the full-automatic production line was running rapidly, allowing the participants to feel the development scene of Shuyang wood processing industry chain with good planning, new technology and wide market.

Jiangsu fuhuilin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was built by local entrepreneur Li Zhengming and central enterprise China Fuma machinery group with a cooperative investment of 2.816 billion yuan, covering an area of 420 Mu and 127000 square meters of plant and ancillary facilities. The company has international advanced continuous flat pressing automatic forest intensive processing production line and short cycle, impregnated paper full-automatic decorative board equipment production line, and has multi specification and diversified forestry board products. The one-stop advanced industrial configuration mode can drive the rapid development of local forest industry transformation and upgrading, and realize the overall optimization of industrial structure layout Overall improvement of product quality.

“We use waste biomass such as local crop straw, flowers and trees pruning branches as raw materials to make environmentally friendly and green wood-based panels. Our products are widely used in many fields such as high-end furniture manufacturing, indoor high-end decoration, construction, packaging, laminate flooring and so on. Our products are exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries.” Said Li Zhengming, chairman of Jiangsu fuhuilin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

In recent years, Shuyang County has attached great importance to the transformation and upgrading of wood processing industry, spared no effort to promote enterprises to take the road of high-quality development, focused on the development of high-grade board, customized home, wood cultural innovation and other products around the goal of “Park, high-end, intelligent and green”, promoted the integration and improvement of enterprises and the development of enterprises in the park, with reasonable construction layout and perfect functions Supporting industrial parks to accelerate the development of industrial clusters.

“We have actively responded to the call of cities and counties for the transformation and upgrading of the wood industry. Focusing on the goal of building an intelligent factory in the world * * wood industry, we have hired the most authoritative China forest products industry planning and Design Institute in the industry for planning and design. The scale is 100 times that of ordinary small and medium-sized traditional wood enterprises, with an annual output of 1 million cubic meters, a wood utilization rate of 100%, which is 30% higher than that of traditional wood enterprises. It has been approved as” China wood ” “Energy saving demonstration factory” and won 16 national invention patents and 14 international invention patents. ” Another observation point in Shuyang County is Jiangsu Huidian New Material Co., Ltd. the person in charge of the company said, “our products are mainly used for columns and beams of wood structure buildings, with high strength and large span, and the single beam span can reach 30m. At present, it is the only company in the world that can produce this large-span product.”

The high-quality development of wood processing industry is the epitome of Shuyang County’s outstanding strong chain extension and accelerated agglomeration of industrial clusters. In 2021, the county will focus on cultivating high-end textile, electromechanical equipment and other industrial chains, encourage and guide upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to “partition supporting” and “Park supporting”. The home manufacturing industry has become the largest wood industry cluster in the province, and the textile and garment industry has entered the era of the whole industrial chain. Continue to optimize the development system of “one district and multiple parks”. At present, kunshu high tech park has entered the candidate list of provincial characteristic parks and ranked first. Shuyang Economic Development Zone has been rated as the only industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration park supported by the state in the province.

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