Sichuan Bazhong 600000 cubic meter particleboard project officially launched 2020

Sichuan Bazhong 600000 cubic meter particleboard project officially launched

The annual output of 600000 cubic meters of particleboard project in Bazhong, Sichuan was officially launched. The project was invested and constructed by Bazhong Jianfeng company affiliated to Chengdu Urban Investment Group, which is another important achievement of the coordinated development of Chengdu and Pakistan.

According to reports, the production capacity of the 600000 cubic meters particleboard production line put into construction this time ranks first in the same industry in China. It adopts the world-class technology and equipment to realize automation, intelligence and green in an all-round way.

The total investment of the project is 700 million yuan. After completion, it will further increase the supply capacity of high-quality Particleboard in China. The project will provide about 300 jobs, with an annual tax contribution of more than 20 million yuan. The raw materials are mainly wood and wood chips purchased. Through the acquisition of secondary firewood and “three leftovers”, the project can continuously increase the income of the surrounding forest farmers by more than 300 million yuan and effectively drive the local people to increase their income and become rich.

This launching ceremony marks the project has entered the full implementation stage. At the industry summit forum held at the same time, ten authoritative experts from China’s wood-based panel industry placed high hopes on the new production line of Bazhong.

Experts believe that the project will integrate health, nature, green and environmental protection into each link of production and manufacturing, make full use of forestry “residues”, “secondary small fuelwood” and artificial fast-growing and high-yield commercial forest to replace large-diameter wood products, which is in line with the concept of circular economy, and is conducive to the protection of natural forest resources, environmental protection, economic construction and social development Demand plays an irreplaceable role.

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