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Sichuan’s first American young man with a green card for entrepreneurship opened a business, specializing in teaching foreigners to learn Chinese

Sichuan’s first American young man with a green card for entrepreneurship opened a business, specializing in teaching foreigners to learn Chinese

Phillip Crimmins, whose Chinese name is Congyun, is a young man from Philadelphia, USA. The last time I appeared in the public eye was as a 2017 undergraduate graduate of the school of overseas education of Sichuan University, who obtained the first “entrepreneurship visa” in Sichuan.

Nine months have passed, and the entrepreneurial soil provided by Chengdu has bred fresh fruits. Since the videos were launched in January this year and free promotion, the Chinese blueprint created by Yunhe friends will be launched on the web next week, officially opening the door to the market. His entrepreneurial project is also different. It teaches foreigners to learn Chinese through “three-dimensional imaging”.

From the cloud, explain how to learn Chinese quickly with your own original method

From the original drummer of the band to the international student of Sichuan University, and now the entrepreneur of the Chinese blueprint project, Chengdu has been drifting for 4 years. Chengdu has witnessed the transformation from the triple identity of the cloud and recorded his unique entrepreneurial story.

The original intention of Xueba:

The world’s unique ideographic characters make foreigners learn to “crack their heads”

It’s not a long time to learn Chinese from cloud, but the proficiency of Chinese makes people think that he has lived in China for more than ten years. He said that this was not because he was a language genius, but because of his original Chinese learning method, which made him reverse attack from “learning slag” to “learning bully”.

In 2014, he entered the school of overseas education of Sichuan University from the cloud, officially starting the road of Chinese learning. Like the students, Congyun, who has just come into contact with Chinese, has not touched the door for a long time. As a unique ideographic character in the world, each Chinese character has different meanings due to the difference of the radical glyph, and the pronunciation is not related to the glyph. This makes me learn from Yunhe and my classmates to “crack my head”. “We spend a lot of time reading articles, memorizing new words and learning grammar, but we can’t even say clearly when we go to a restaurant to order food in our lives.” When I first came to Chengdu to live, Congyun was somewhat frustrated by the language communication problems. Should we learn Chinese in another way?

“You can’t learn the rules before you learn to speak.” Cong Yun told the reporter that after he realized that language could not be studied as a subject, he simply reclassified the order of learning Chinese characters, reorganized them from the four angles of order, pronunciation, deviation and meaning, and strengthened his memory by making up stories. Soon, this set of self created learning methods made him a “learning bully”. During his school years, he passed the level 6 test of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) in 2 years. Generally, it takes 4 years of professional study to pass the test. As an outstanding student in Chinese learning, he also received an excellent scholarship from the China Scholarship Commission.

This test greatly increased Congyun’s confidence, so he came up with the idea of promoting my Chinese learning methods to people around him. From the cloud, I found Luke Neale, a British student from Sichuan University. His Chinese name is Ning Haotian. He is also a “Xueba” who has just passed the HSK band 6 test. The two “learning tyrants” joined together. The Mandarin blueprint, an organization “foreigners teach foreigners to learn Chinese”, was established in September 2016. It was registered in Chengdu and Hong Kong respectively. In the early stage, foreigners in Chengdu were invited to experience the learning courses on the spot. In the later stage, it developed apps and websites to sell teaching courses.

Startup almost stopped:

Get the first “entrepreneurship” visa in Sichuan

“My God, I finally understand Chinese!” “Chinese characters are becoming more and more interesting to me. Thank you for your explanation!” From cloud’s circle of friends, he often shows screenshots of his conversations with students. The Chinese learning method created by Ziyun has been practiced on hundreds of foreign students aged 20-60, and the response is good. Talking about the teaching effect from the cloud, the tone is proud.

For the Chinese, the “three-dimensional imaging learning method” from the cloud seems somewhat complicated. He mapped the initial consonants, vowels, tones and radical of the phonetic alphabet to the characters, scenes and behaviors related to homophony or meaning. Like making movies, the elements of a word are decomposed and reassembled to form a meaningful scene. In this way, if you can remember this scene, you can remember the pronunciation, shape and meaning of Chinese characters. At the same time, because there are not many syllables and partial parts of commonly used Chinese characters, the same elements can be assembled into new stories, so that new Chinese characters can be mastered and gradually expanded to words and sentences.

“For foreigners who grow up in the Western cultural background, this method is very effective because they associate Chinese with English.” Congyun said that in the early field promotion, the learning method of “three-dimensional imaging” made many foreigners easily remember ideographic Chinese characters. Just as he and Ning Haotian were planning to commercialize and promote to the market on a large scale, the visa issue after graduation troubled them again.

In the past, foreign students in China need to have a bachelor’s degree or above and at least 2 years of relevant work experience to stay in China for work, internship or entrepreneurship after graduation. In July last year, according to the 50 articles of the new industrial policy issued by Chengdu, foreign students (including the current and previous ones) who graduated from universities in China (including universities in Hong Kong and Macao) and have the intention of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu can apply for a residence permit for private personnel affairs with a validity of 2 to 5 years (note “entrepreneurship”) on the basis of the graduation certificate of Chinese universities to carry out graduation practice and innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

Fortunately, on the occasion of graduation, Congyun caught up with the new deal and became the first foreigner to obtain the “entrepreneurship visa” of Sichuan Province, enabling him to continue his unfinished business in Chengdu. In September last year, he also won the second place in the group of “entrepreneurship and wealth creation” in the preliminary contest of the first “Tianfu Cup” entrepreneurship competition in Sichuan Province (Chengdu Division), and received a bonus of 10000 yuan.

Preparing to apply for a patent in the United States

Offline teaching is in short supply, and the website will be launched next week

With the continuous popularity in the old outer circle of Chengdu, offline teaching from the cloud has been in short supply, and the students are also provided with Chinese teaching guidance through live broadcast. Some time ago, he was fascinated by Papi sauce and chased all the videos, joking that he could not stop. The successful model of Papi sauce has given inspiration from the cloud: it is better to record teaching videos, turn services into products, and use the concept of selling video courses to make the project get a new leap and development.

The shooting of teaching video is not simple. It is also necessary to arrange words, pictures, review cards and mind maps. In the videos and promotional materials from the cloud, he designed a cartoon image for himself and acted as a spokesman for the product. Since it is mainly aimed at the overseas market and allows more foreigners to learn Chinese, since January this year, teaching videos from the cloud have been uploaded to foreign video websites, and six classes have been provided for free. Congyun told reporters that the website of the Chinese blueprint will be launched next week, and all teaching videos will be watched and purchased with pay. “There are three levels tentatively, i.e. 300, 400 and 3000 USD courses.”

A cartoon image designed for Chinese video teaching from the cloud

For the entrepreneurial achievements of the Chinese blueprint, Congyun also plans to apply for patents in the United States. If everything goes well after the webpage is launched, the teaching app is also in the next step. “I am 30 years old, and my career in Chengdu has just begun. Here is a blueprint of my dream, which is moving towards reality.

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