Sliced hardwood veneer

Sliced hardwood veneer

Aspects of the production of veneer are: radial and tangential. The tree has three main areas with different characteristics.
These three trends 
– radial direction
– the tangential direction
– linear or longitudinal direction (the direction parallel to the longitudinal axis of the barrel)

Texture is determined by the method of veneer slicing. Various methods of slicing give a different visual effect. The same stem, sliced in different ways, give sheets of veneer quite different from each other.
The two most common texture veneer tangential and radial.
– Radial (sliced in the radial direction) It is obtained by planning at right angles to the annual rings of trees.

– Tangential (sliced in the tangential direction)
Obtained by planing the trunk parallel to the center to give the effect of the rings.

We offer high-quality sliced hardwood veneer directly from the veneer factories.

The produced veneer meets the requirements of GOST 2977-82 Ukrainian State Standard.

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