Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 1

Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry

Personal Experience of a Quality Control Manager

More than a decade ago, a plywood quality manager suddenly saw a quality inspector inspecting the plywood in a dark workshop. The manager advised the inspector not to inspect the plywood in a dark workshop and then left. When the quality inspector opened his eyes and still couldn’t see the surface quality of plywood, he thought to himself, “What’s the use of criticism without any assistance?”


Often, we stand idly by those in need: likewise, when others encounter problems in the process, they sometimes fail to provide solutions or the resources they need. Imagine that in an unconformity quality system, the inspection system, process and command can not be integrated, and the quality system will not succeed, because managers can only see some incorrect reports, but can not correctly analyze the actual situation, so they can not provide appropriate resource support.

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