Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 2 .

Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 2

Boiled frogs in warm water

One cold winter, a frog jumped into a hot pot with warm water, and a small fire was burning under the pot. At the beginning, the frog was still at ease and proud that he had found a good home. As time goes on, when it finds out that it is not good, its physical strength has been exhausted by the rise of water temperature, and finally, it can no longer jump out.

Personal Experience of a Plywood Quality Control Manager

In the plywood quality inspection industry, some quality inspectors, when they see that there are some small processing defects in the plywood of the factory, always go by without paying attention to them or reminding the factory in time that they need to pay attention to these small processing defects, and even fail to reflect these small quality problems in the quality inspection report. Because the production of factories is continuous, when the same small quality problems appear in large quantities, customers will have quality feedback, warning suppliers that there are major quality problems.


Our pursuit of quality can not stop, because we have the most first-class equipment, and now produce internationally leading products, we can relax the high quality requirements. Otherwise, like this frog, because it is surrounded by comfortable environment, it gives up its efforts. Once there is a crisis, there is no time or capital for efforts. We should not only look for poor standards to ensure first-class quality, but also become a benchmark for quality formulation.

For enterprises, quality management is an important part of the company’s production management, and its important role is well known. However, in actual production activities, quality management is often difficult to control, leading to the company’s quality management problems mainly due to ten reasons.

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