Breaking News Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 3 .

The True Story of Quality Control of Linyi Plywood

This is a true story between American cabinet plywood importers and Chinese Linyi plywood manufacturers in 2010. At that time, the quality of formaldehyde emission from plywood in Linyi was not perfect enough. Even after the improvement of the manufacturers, the good rate of plywood produced by plywood manufacturers had reached 99.9%. It should be said that the good rate is difficult to reach even now by many enterprises.

But American plywood importers said no to the company. They required the qualified rate of plywood to be 100%. So the general manager of the plywood manufacturer went to the American cabinet factory to discuss the matter and see if it could be lowered. Because the manufacturer believes that to achieve this level is close to perfection, there is no need to change. Of course, American plywood importers refused at once because there was no discount on quality. Later, the cabinet factory asked for a change in the way quality was checked. That is, from the plywood manufacturer in Linyi delivered one week ago, randomly pick out one, let the person in charge of Linyi plywood manufacturer decorate his bedroom with his own board. After the implementation of this method, the rate of undesirability immediately becomes zero.


Matsushita, the God of Japanese business, has a famous saying: “For products, either 100 points or 0 points.” Any product, as long as there is a slight quality problem, means failure. Many people often have a “similar” mentality when they do things. Even if they are reasonable, they will feel that the other party is critical and dissatisfied with the requests made by the leader or the client! ___________

The quality of products should be treated with an attitude of excellence and a rigorous and meticulous work style. If the buyer buys the yeast steamed bread and eats a hair, what will it taste like? Maybe we would think that there is only one hair in a bag of 100,000 (or 1 billion) Saccharomyces cerevisiae without making a fuss. But it’s one in 100,000 for us and 100% for hair consumers.

Imagine 20,000 mismatches per year, 15,000 babies born every year, 500 mistaken operations per week, and 2,000 mail errors per hour. Looking at these data, we certainly hope that all the people in the world will be able to do 100% of their work. Because we are producers, and we are consumers.

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