Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 4

Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 4

The True Story of Quality Control of Linyi Plywood

The story happened at the plywood factory in Linyi in 2008.

The plywood importer asked the plywood quality inspectors, “There are three of your quality team who are good at quality control. Which technology is the best in the world?” The plywood quality inspector said, “JACKY is the best, KEVIN is the second, and I am the worst.” The importer of plywood was surprised to ask: “Your reputation is the biggest. Why is JACKY the most skilled?”

The manager of plywood quality inspector said shamefully, “My quality inspection plywood is the time when serious problems arise in the finished products of quality inspection plywood. Most people see me knocking around on the plywood and touching the surface of the plywood, so they think that I am skilled and famous all over the country. KEVIN quality inspection plywood is from the beginning of plywood production. The average person thinks that he can only inspect plywood with low quality requirements, so his reputation only extends to the supplier’s production base. JACKY quality inspection plywood is from the quality of plywood before the emergence of quality problems. Since the average person does not know that he can eradicate potential quality problems beforehand, he feels that he is of average level, but in the opinion of plywood experts, he is of the highest level.


Above “disease” can be understood as “quality accident”. It is the “good person” who can eliminate the quality accident before the onset of “disease”.

To prevent quality accidents, we should start with “minor diseases”. That is to say, we should guard against the danger before it happens. Control after the event is not as good as control in the event, control in the event is not as good as control in advance. People who successfully handle quality accidents should be rewarded. At the same time, people and behaviors who prevent quality accidents should be rewarded. Quality management is like a doctor’s visit to a doctor. Many enterprises hang the slogan of “quality is the life of the enterprise”, but in reality there are misunderstandings of quality management of “headache, footache and foot”.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the result controllers get the approval of employees and leaders for correcting management errors, while the obscure process controllers are not easy to attract the attention of employees and leaders. Ultimately, managers are happy with the superficial articles and are far away from the preventive pre-control and in-process control.

How to improve the execution of pre-control and in-process control? First of all, from top to bottom, there should be a strong sense of quality management in the whole process. Secondly, detailed quality management standards are formulated for each link. Thirdly, use performance appraisal to change the unfavorable situation of the company. Fourth, customers and employees are the best quality improvers.

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