Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 5

Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 5

The True Story of Quality Control of Linyi Plywood

The story happened at the plywood factory in Linyi in 2005.

Plywood factories and quality standards

One day, the quality manager of the plywood found that the quality of the birch plywood produced that month had declined, so a meeting was held to discuss it. It was agreed that the quality requirements of the plywood were too low. So it is decided that the quality requirement of plywood should be raised from E level to D level. Results The second month found that the quality of the birch plywood was still lower than the customer’s requirements, so decided again to raise the height to C level.

Unexpectedly, the next month saw that the birch plywood was completely lower than the customer’s requirements, so the plywood production quality management staff was very nervous, decided not to stop, the plywood quality requirements will be raised to B. One day the director of the plywood factory chatted with several workers, “Look, will this man continue to improve our quality requirements? “The worker HAN asked.” It’s hard to say. The worker said, “If he doesn’t communicate a complete quality standard with the customer anymore!”


This is a classic case of the end-to-end inversion. Instead of eliminating the root cause — “setting quality standards”, they are increasing the “plywood level”. If we do not find the root cause of the problem, we can never eliminate these quality problems.

At the same time, it will also lead to the increase of enterprise cost – “raising standards”. Therefore, as a quality person, we should often ask ourselves, “Do our standard customers approve?”

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