Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 6

Small Stories in Plywood Quality Control Industry Part 6

The True Story of Quality Control of Linyi Plywood

The story happened at the plywood factory in Xuzhou in 2007.

Boys for plywood quality control

A boy working for a customer of a Dubai plywood importer called a Dubai plywood customer and said, “Do you need a Chinese plywood quality inspector?” Dubai’s plywood customer answered, “No, I already have a plywood quality inspector in China.” “I will help you control the quality of each sheet of plywood,” the boy said. The plywood customer answered, “My plywood inspector did it too.” The boy said, “I will help you to control the packing and container  loading of plywood.” The client said, “The person I invited has already done it. Thank you. I don’t need a new plywood inspector.” When the boy hung up, his roommate asked him, “Didn’t you work as a plywood inspector at Dubai Plywood Company? Why do you want to make this call? The boy said, “I just want to know how well I have done!” .


The first idea of ISO reflected in this story is to focus on customers and constantly inquire about their evaluation, so that we can know our strengths and weaknesses, and then develop our strengths and avoid weaknesses, improve our work quality and firmly grasp customers.

This is also an example of the practical application of the idea of “continuous improvement” in Article 6 of the Eight Principles of Quality Management. Is it possible for each of our employees to make some continuous improvements in combination with their own jobs? All employees can satisfy customers.

For marketers, this is a way to get loyal customers. For each of our employees, the quality of our work can be continuously improved only by paying close attention to our “customers (service objects)”. This is also a problem of communication. It’s really hard for a person to get a fair and objective evaluation. Does this story provide us with a good way?

Most of the time, the quality is passive, just continue the mode of problems and then solve them. If we can actively find problems and solve them, that is the perfect quality management mode. This also shows the essence of a quality manager.

Everything belongs to those who are ready every day. Don’t just think about the rain of money in the sky. It’s impossible. Think about everything with your head, do it with your hands, prevent things that shouldn’t happen in advance, and strangle bad defects in the bud. We should always firmly believe that “risk can be prevented, defects can be prevented”!

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