A collection of practical panels comprised of coniferous tree species and created with structural purposes and applications in mind.

Softwood Plywood provides a perfect solution for applications where all-round performance, strength and stability are valued over aesthetic qualities (while some designers and joiners quite like the rustic, industrial appearance of the softwood veneers).

Selection of Softwood Plywood panels are essentially pine or spruce in species and are sourced from Brazil, Russia, Poland and Finland,China ,More softwood species are below :

  • Araucaria. Hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) ,…
  • Cedar (Cedrus),
  • Celery-top pine (Phyllocladus aspleniifolius),
  • Cypress (Chamaecyparis, Cupressus, Taxodium) Arizona cypress (Cupressus arizonica) …,
  • Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) …,
  • European yew (Taxus baccata),
  • Fir (Abies) …,
  • Hemlock (Tsuga),
  • Pinus sylvestnis var.mongolica Litv,

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Softwoods (coniferous)
Hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii),
Monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana,
Paraná pine (Araucaria angustifolia),
Cedar (Cedrus),
Celery-top pine (Phyllocladus aspleniifolius)
Cypress (Chamaecyparis, Cupressus, Taxodium),
Arizona cypress (Cupressus arizonica)
Bald cypress, southern cypress (Taxodium distichum)
Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides)
Hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa)
Lawson’s cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana)
Mediterranean cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)
Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
Coast Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii)
Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca)
European yew (Taxus baccata)
Fir (Abies)
Balsam fir (Abies balsamea)
Silver fir (Abies alba)
Noble fir (Abies procera)
Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis)
Hemlock (Tsuga)
Eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
Mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana)
Western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla)
Huon pine, Macquarie pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii)
Kauri (New Zealand) (Agathis australis)
Queensland kauri (Australia) (Agathis robusta)
Japanese nutmeg-yew, kaya (Torreya nucifera)
Larch (Larix)
European larch (Larix decidua)
Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi)
Tamarack (Larix laricina)
Western larch (Larix occidentalis)
Pine (Pinus)
European black pine (Pinus nigra)
Jack pine (Pinus banksiana)
Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta)
Monterey pine (Pinus radiata)
Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa)
Red pine (North America) (Pinus resinosa)
Scots pine, red pine (UK) (Pinus sylvestris)
White pine
Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus)
Western white pine (Pinus monticola)
Sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana)
Southern yellow pine
Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda)
Longleaf pine (Pinus palustris)
Pitch pine (Pinus rigida)
Shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata)
Red cedar
Eastern red cedar, (Juniperus virginiana)
Western red cedar (Thuja plicata)
Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)
Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum)
Spruce (Picea)
Norway spruce (Picea abies)
Black spruce (Picea mariana)
Red spruce (Picea rubens)
Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)
White spruce (Picea glauca)
Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica)
White cedar
Northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis)
Atlantic white cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides)
Nootka cypress (Cupressus nootkatensis)

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