Solid wood multi-plywood has the strength to occupy the high-end Customized Market

Solid wood multi-plywood has the strength to occupy the high-end Customized Market

Consumers do not have a high demand for what board to use for customized wardrobes, first of all, environmental protection, and secondly, on the premise of guaranteeing durability, in line with the principle of economic benefits. So is there a kind of board that can not only satisfy our pursuit of real wood, but also at an acceptable price? In fact, solid wood multi-plywood is a good choice.

How about solid wood plywood? Is it not environmentally friendly to make wardrobe rings?

Solid wood multi-layer plywood is made of three or multi-layer veneers or sheets which are pasted with wood at high temperature and high pressure. It is made of multi-layer plywood with crisscross arrangement as the base material and polymer glue as the auxiliary material. The surface is made of high-quality solid wood veneer or scientific and technological wood. It is made by cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, curing and so on. It has many advantages.

One of the advantages of choosing solid wood plywood for high-end wardrobe is waterproof. Unlike other particleboard and particleboard, multilayer board is superior to most other wood-based panels in waterproofing due to its own production process. So even if the furniture is blistered, flooded and so on, the furniture can still continue to use, will not have an impact on daily life. And the inferior board after blistering, will seriously affect the use of furniture, and even make furniture scrap directly.

Secondly, the physical performance is excellent. So after choosing solid wood plywood to build wardrobes, wardrobes will be too durable, and wardrobe products often made of multi-plywood will not be damaged after 20 or 30 years. So friends who like to keep changing new furniture should endure loneliness, because it will accompany you for the next half of your life.

And then there is environmental protection! Solid wood multi-plywood in the use of protein glue, can be achieved without adding formaldehyde level. Of course, for customers, the price is relatively high compared to ordinary plate, Tuhao can. In production, no harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene are added to make it natural and pollution-free. It can be imagined that such finished wardrobe has no harm to the health of family members. Families and friends can live boldly without being subjected to the abuse of formaldehyde every day.

It is precisely because of these advantages of solid wood multi-plywood, so many friends in the use of solid wood multi-plywood wardrobe, no longer want to choose other types of board wardrobe. It greatly increases consumers’taste in furniture selection, and ordinary furniture is difficult to get into their eyes.

Not only that, solid wood multi-layer plywood of all kinds of design and color really let friends pick the eye, is really only unexpected, there is no impossible.

Light yellow cloth pattern, light white cloth pattern, ray, pure white, bright, soft light series of colors, lighting up the indoor home life, let friends love.

The disadvantage of solid wood multi-plywood is that its cost is higher than that of density board, so its price is also higher than that of density board.

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