Solutions to Problems in Melamine lamination

Solutions to Problems in Melamine lamination

Melamine lamination is prone to problems, when there are problems in melamine lamination, how to solve them.

  1. Solutions to warpage of lamination: adjust the impregnation speed of base paper, modulate impregnating resin according to requirements; increase hot-pressing thickness gauge, control compression thickness; adjust the temperature difference between upper and lower pressure boardss, so that the difference does not exceed 4 degrees Celsius.
  2. Solution of polishing board sticking board: hot pressing temperature can be adjusted, release agent can be added when mixing, and better polishing board, such as chrome-boardsd polishing board, can be used.
  3. Porous solutions to the surface of the sticker: it can increase the pressure to a greater extent, increase the volatile content and resin content of the paper; increase the content of modifier by 0.5%. In addition, check whether the impregnated paper is stored too long or improper.
  4. Solutions for edge damage of boards: select high-quality base material; check cutting tools regularly.
  5. Solutions for surface water stain (wet flower): adjusting the moisture content of base material; adjusting the moisture content measuring instrument; adjusting the drying conditions of impregnated paper; increasing the temperature of hot-pressed board, that is to say, increasing the temperature of hot-pressed board by 5 degrees, and paying attention to the preservation of impregnated paper.
  6. Solutions to Emulsion Spot: Increasing Pressure of Hot Press boards; Adjusting Sand Abrasion Amount of Substrate or Increasing Thickness Requirement of Substrate; Cleaning Polishing boards or Replacing.

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