Standard for Eucalyptus Veneer

Standard for Eucalyptus Veneer

Length: Production of 2.6m logs, length tolerance + 6-2cm, sawing 2.58M or 2.66M are qualified length, it is best to saw at 2.63m to prevent sawing slope.

Diameter: 7 cm or more.

Bending: Horizontal length and bending height not more than 2% can be used as logs, such as 2.6m bending height not more than 5cm can be used as logs.

Leakage section, edge decay, double yarn material, bursting: the whole material is not allowed.

Easter and Dead Joints: Diameter should not exceed 30% of the caliper diameter. For example, 10 cm wood knot and diameter should not exceed 3 cm. No rotten knot section should be allowed, and no more than 4 knots should be allowed within 1 meter.

Insect eyes: no more than 5 within 1 meter.

Heart rot, core pulling: diameter should not exceed 20% of the calibration diameter, such as 10 cm wood, heart rot core pulling diameter should not exceed 2 cm.

Partial withered or traumatic: the depth should not exceed 20% of the calibration diameter.

Longitudinal crack and outer jacket: the length shall not exceed 30% of the gauge length.

Eucalyptus meeting the above material specifications can be used to produce rotary veneer logs.

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