RTA cabinets are imported and flat packed ready  . More than three quarter of our stock product lines are framed cabinets, and the rest are frameless,


Construction for framed cabinet

Framed Cabinets:

  • The majority of our stock cabinets are built using a framed construction
  • A ‘face frame’ is in between the cabinet box and door and drawer fronts
  • The cabinet hardware (hinges and drawer glides) are mounted on the face frame. When the cabinet doors and drawers are closed, the face frame is visible
  • The size of the reveal determines whether it is half or semi-full overlay
Construction of stock frameless cabinet

Frameless Cabinets:

  • Cabinet doors and drawers are attached directly to the cabinet box
  • Frameless cabinets are always considered full overlay
  • More interior storage space than framed cabinets. Some have detachable adjustable legs with toe kick cover
  • Some have integrated toe kick, where the box side panels are recessed at the bottom to form the toe kick portion.


  • The majority of our stock cabinets have matching interior finish
  • Almost all of our stock cabinets have full depth, adjustable shelves
  • Some use stainless steel shelf pins and some use plastic shelf inserts.
  • Some stock cabinets require finished end panels to cover exposed sides
  • 1/4″ thick finished end panels require scribe molding to cover the raw panel edge
  • 3/4″ thick finished panels have finished edges
Cabinet Bxo


Cabinet door / drawer front
  •  cabinet doors are crafted from many wood species such as birch, maple, oak and cherry.
  • We offer several different cabinet lines with doors made of bamboo
  • Most doors are ¾” thick
  • Most doors are coated with oil based finishing products that comply with CARB II and E1 standards
  • EcoSphere bamboo cabinets are finished with eco-friendly, water based solutions
  • Door / drawer pulls are not included with stock cabinets


  • Most of our drawer boxes have a dovetail construction
  • 5-piece drawer box do not come pre-assembled
  • Drawer box sides are typically made of solid poplar wood
  • Drawer box bottom are made of ¼” – ½” thick plywood
  • Most of the drawer boxes are clear coat finished. Some have matching finish
Drawer Box with dovetail joinery


Hinges and drawer glides
  • All hinges, drawer glides are imported brands and cannot be easily upgraded to premium hardware such as Blum®
  • Most of the drawer glides for our stock RTA cabinets are soft close Undermount, with some exception as side mount ball bearing
  • Most hinges are adjustable with a 110° opening angle
  • Many hinges are soft close or can add a soft close adapter


All-in-one packing for RTA cabinet
Doors and fronts are packing separately
  • The majority of   RTA cabinets are flat packed in a single corrugated cardboard box for each unit. For example, if you order one B18 (one door one drawer 18” wide base unit), the following component will be all packed inside:
    • Cabinet box & drawer box components
    • Doors & drawer fronts (including face frame if any)
    • Hardware (hinges and drawer glides)
  • It is not possible to order component or cabinet doors only for each cabinet unit.
  • For stock frameless EcoSphere Bamboo cabinets, the cabinet doors are packed separately from the rest: cabinet box, drawer box and hardware.
  • Doors and drawer fronts set can be ordered separately.
  • Doors are ordered in sets. For example, 1 order of B24 doors/drawer fronts includes 1 drawer front and 2 doors for the cabinet.
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