Storage Method of Medium Fiber Board

Storage Method of Medium Fiber Board

Recently, many manufacturers have come to us for help, saying that the density plate has been deformed and damped. Because these problems are also common problems in the storage of MDF, so I will take them out here for your reference.

First of all, because density boards are pressed by wood fibers, its special material determines that it can not touch water (except waterproof process), so in the place where density boards are stored, we must ensure that rain does not enter water, usually dry, otherwise once soaked, the boards will be scrapped, we can only see if the manufacturer can recycle them.

Then when we stack the plates, two sleepers will be placed at the bottom to facilitate the forklift to get them out. However, due to the fact that the conventional plate is generally 1220*2440mm and has considerable flexibility, excessive stacking or long-term stacking will cause the medium-fibre board to undergo wavy deformation.

How to solve it? Put the density board in a flat place and don’t put the pillow under it. It will be all right after a period of time. It’s very simple, haha.

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