Story of plywood inspection team: female quality inspector’s road to success

Story of plywood inspection team: female quality inspector’s road to success

In the plywood inspection team, after being praised, Liu Li did not feel proud, because she felt that she had only done what she was responsible for. In this way, Liu Li, adhering to the psychology of due diligence, worked for about three years and successfully promoted to the position of monitor of our Guangxi quality inspection team.

This is also the first step of Liu Li’s success. During the three years of Liu Li’s work, Liu Li’s report has not made any mistakes, which makes the leaders in the plywood inspection team very satisfied. In addition, during this period, Liu Li also found her favorite object and successfully married, and was blessed by the plywood inspection team.

After Liu Li was promoted to monitor, she has been a vigorous and vigorous style, and she is serious and fast. Everyone can see that with the passing of time, Liu Li has become more and more mature in the plywood inspection team, and has become an authentic old employee. Liu Li has another advantage, that is, she likes to learn and plywood inspection She knows a lot about all the big and small things in the team. Even she knows part of the lathe technology, so new and old employees admire Liu Li.

In the twinkling of an eye, Liu Li has been in the plywood inspection team for six years. During this time, Liu Li has also been promoted to the quality inspection director, and has become a senior member of the plywood inspection team. Unlike other senior managers, Liu Li still adheres to the grass-roots style, continues the work of ordinary quality inspectors, and finally makes statistics on the overall data report.

Many friends have said that as long as you work hard, men and women are the same, there are opportunities, all depend on their own grasp, and Liu Li is relying on their own persistence and seriousness to the road to success, gender equality is not empty words.

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