Structural analysis of LVL plywood

Structural analysis of LVL plywood

The most distinguishing feature of forward plywood from other plywood is its load-bearing capacity. So how does the plywood carry more weight? Let’s take a look at the structure of the plywood.

The structure of the plywood is different from that of other plywood, because the arrangement of the thin wood is in one direction, while the other plywood is arranged in a crosswise and vertical way. Because the raw materials are arranged in the same direction, they are called plywood in the same direction. The industry will also be called LVL, or LVL laminated veneer. Often used in the production of packaging boxes, is one of the common packaging plywood.

Progressive plywood veneer

So what is the reason for the load-bearing of the plywood?

First, let’s ask you a question: Suppose a 9mm plywood load is 50kg, and two overlapped plywood load is 100kg?

When calculating the load-bearing capacity, besides overlapping the load-bearing capacity, the weight distribution should also be considered. Generally speaking, after using two plates, the force condition of the second plate is better than that of the single one, because the upper plate is distributed, the strength of the lower plate can be exerted, and the force is more distributed around, which reduces the bending moment. There is also a saying in the industry that when two sheets are stacked, the load-bearing capacity will increase by 4-7 times. Of course, this is also related to the production process of plywood.

If multiple sheets are combined, the carrying capacity will be much higher than the sum of the carrying capacity of a single sheet. This is why the forward plywood can withstand the weight that other plywood cannot bear.

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