Structural Pine Plywood Panels Inspection and QC checklist

Structural Pine Plywood Panels Inspection and QC checklist

Structural Pine Plywood

  • Excellent for construction use. Strength and stiffness.
  • Exceptional resistance to moisture. High thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Optional results for exterior and interior uses.


This Panel has great strength and structural stability and is ideal for many interior and exterior uses. Faces and backs are not sanded and accept open defects (open knots and cracks according to the international grading standards). Faces are always of a higher quality than backs.



Pine Plywood is constructed using 100% plantation Radiata Pine veneers that have been sorted according to the following American PS 1-95 standard face grades.

Panels are constructed by gluing veneers together perpendicularly, with the face grain always being in the long direction. Use  uneven numbers of plys to reach the best stability and strength resistance.

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