STRUCTURAL PLYWOOD Inspection and QC checks

STRUCTURAL PLYWOOD Inspection and QC checks

STRUCTURAL PLYWOOD Structural plywood is an option when long-term load carrying and structural performance is required. But how do you tell if a sheet of plywood is structural or not?

Structural plywood can be used in engineering design. The properties of the plywood must be well known and consistent to ensure it is capable of carrying structural load reliably and safely for the intended life of the structure or component.

What is structural plywood? Specifications for structural plywood are set out in AS/NZS 2269.0:2008 Plywood – Structural – Specifications. The structural properties are determined by machine stress-grading 100% of production or through in-grade analysis where product is manufactured to a strict specification. Samples of individual structural properties of modulus of elasticity (MoE), bending strength, shear strength, tension strength and compression strength are determined by laboratory analysis. On-going in-mill verification monitors stiffness and strength properties. The adhesive must be durable and creep resistant. Type A bond phenolic adhesives are durable for 50-plus years in full exposure.

Identifying structural plywood on site Structural plywood can be identified by checking the rear of the plywood sheet for the standard number AS/NZS 2269. This indicates the plywood has been tested to this standard and can be used in structural applications.

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