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Structure and types of furniture hardware accessories, quality control and inspection!

Structure and types of furniture hardware accessories, quality control and inspection!

Guide: a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and a good set of customized wardrobe or cabinet. In addition to environmental protection of the board, reasonable layout design, fashionable and beautiful color matching, the hardware accessories of the furniture are also very important.

When it comes to furniture hardware, everyone can more or less say some names, such as screws, hinges, sliding rails, handles, pneumatic rods, pull baskets, hangers, sinks, cabinet feet, cabinet body assemblies, and so on. But the deeper knowledge is not very clear. Next, we will analyze the true features behind these small objects.

01 movable hardware hinge is also called hinge, which mainly includes ordinary hinge and spring hinge, and is the main component connecting cabinet and door panel. In the daily use of furniture, hinges are the most tested. Therefore, the quality of hinges directly affects the service life of furniture, so be careful when buying. Hinges: ordinary hinges are mainly made of brass and stainless steel. Generally, the more yellow the brass hinges are, the better, which indicates that the copper content is high. Poor hinges will cut corners and fail to meet the standard in specification and thickness. The thickness of good hinge is about 3mm, and the thickness of bad hinge is relatively thin. The hinge with good sealing performance shall be selected. When selecting, the hinge shall be opened and closed and pulled several times to feel its flexibility and firmness. At present, most of the hinges we see in the furniture market are like this ▼ this hinge is divided into stainless steel and iron. Now, the slightly higher end furniture uses “hydraulic hinge”, also known as “damping hinge”, which is used to make the cabinet door have a cushioning effect when it is closed. It can not only reduce the noise generated by the collision between the cabinet door and the cabinet body when it is closed, but also increase the service life of the cabinet, And it can also prevent children from pinching their hands when opening and closing the cabinet door. There is a great difference in workmanship between brand hinges and miscellaneous hinges. The metal surface of hinges with good quality is polished smooth and has a thick feel. The cheap hinge is made of thin iron sheet, with rough surface and sharp edges and corners, which will rust and easily deform and fall off after long use. the slide rail is a generally grooved or curved guide rail for the movement of furniture doors, drawers or other moving parts. It is often equipped with ball bearings. Whether the large and small doors and drawers in the furniture can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, and how the load-bearing is, all depends on the support of the slide rail. The “slide rails” in the market are mainly divided into three categories: “roller type”, “steel ball type” and “gear type”, and the “steel ball type slide rails” we commonly use in furniture drawers. This slide rail is usually a two or three section metal slide rail, which is installed at the lower position on both sides of the drawer. Good “slide rail” steel is thick, with strong bearing capacity, smooth pulling and silent opening and closing. Like the “damping hinge”, the “damping slide” has become the mainstream product in the furniture market. Generally, high-end furniture is equipped with “damping slide”. There are also “integrated drawers”, also known as “metal drawers”, which are better than slide type drawers. They refer to drawers in which the drawer box and the rail are integrated. The slide rail is hidden in the cabinet and cannot be seen. At present, many high-end furniture customization stores will provide two kinds of products for customers to choose: “slide type drawer” and “integrated drawer”. Because of different materials, the price of “slide type drawer” is relatively cheaper than that of “one-piece drawer”, but the durability of “one-piece drawer” is higher. The drawer requires that the cabinet must be square and square, otherwise it cannot be installed. Therefore, it is more difficult to manufacture the cabinet than installing the cabinet door. Generally, the price of the “slide type drawer” is about 200 yuan, while the price of the “integrated drawer” varies according to the brand. The price of the domestic brand can reach about 300 yuan to 350 yuan. 02 connecting function hardware connecting function hardware generally refers to the parts that play the role of fastening and connecting between plates in the process of furniture production. There are mainly three in one connectors, screws, rivets, combination nuts, etc., and three in one connectors are the most used in furniture connectors. Three in one is composed of three parts, namely eccentric head (also known as eccentric nut, eccentric wheel, eccentric part, etc.), connecting rod (screw), embedded nut (expansion bolt, plastic particle), which is generally applicable to panel furniture. Advantages of the three in one connector: ①. Connection fastening: the connection is tight and firm through the three in one connection of eccentric parts, connecting rods and embedded nuts; ②. Disassembly and assembly are convenient, and the three in one connector can be disassembled and disassembled for many times; ③. It is relatively hidden, and the three in one connector can not be seen from the outer surface, which does not affect the appearance of furniture; ④. The three in one connection reduces the use of adhesives, More environmentally friendly 03 famous hardware brands world famous hardware brands: German Heidi Shi, Mepla, “haifule”, Italian FGV, Salice, boss, Silla, Ferrari, etc. the product prices are also quite considerable, 150% – 800% higher than domestic hinges. At present, many famous domestic wardrobe enterprises have adopted imported hardware. (Germany) the hardware of Hettich brand is of high quality and long service life. Many high-end customized stores use this brand of hardware parts. However, I personally feel that the damping slide rail is not very easy to use, and the pulling is not smooth. I feel that it is not as good as the domestic one.

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