Study on Manufacturing Technology of High Performance Phenolic film Coated Paper

Study on Manufacturing Technology of High Performance Phenolic film Coated Paper

In this paper, the development of phenolic resin was reviewed, the research status of phenolic resin impregnated at home and abroad and the research and development trend of wood-based panel template in China were analyzed. Nowadays, phenolic impregnated resins have many problems, such as high content of free substances, slow curing time and high curing temperature. In order to solve these problems, phenolic impregnated resins have been studied in this paper. Starting with the catalyst, the impregnated phenolic resin was synthesized with barium hydroxide as catalyst, and its synthesis process and structure were studied comprehensively. The impregnation drying process and hot-pressing coating process of phenolic impregnated paper were also studied. The main contents are divided into four parts: 1. Study on Synthesis Technology of phenolic impregnated resin. Firstly, the catalysts for the synthesis of phenolic resin were preliminarily investigated. The results showed that the reaction of phenolic resin produced with barium hydroxide as catalyst was easy to control and the effect of impregnated paper was better. Then the synthesis process of phenolic resin catalyzed by barium hydroxide was studied, including the molar ratio of formaldehyde to phenol, the amount of catalyst, reaction temperature and time, and the feeding scheme of formaldehyde. Through experiments, the effects of the above factors on the properties and free matter content of the resin were discussed, and the most suitable synthesis process of barium phenolic impregnated resin was determined. 2. Study on the structure and curing reaction of barium phenolic resin. In this part, the structure and curing characteristics of barium phenolic resin were studied experimentally. Through FTIR characterization and analysis of different curing samples of phenolic resin, the change of content of different groups with curing reaction was qualitatively studied. The synthetic principle of the resin was verified and the reasons for the rapid curing of the resin were explained. On this basis, the synthetic reaction of phenolic resin was analyzed. On the basis of characterizing the structure of the synthetic phenolic resin, the synthetic reaction principle of the resin in this study was analyzed. On the premise of synthesizing excellent resin, the impregnation drying process of the film paper was studied. The suitable drying temperature and time were found out by using the secondary impregnation drying process: 140-150 C. The best drying temperature is between 35 and 50 seconds for the first drying time and 60 to 75 seconds for the second drying time. 4. Study on the veneer properties of phenolic impregnated paper. In order to verify the properties of the resin, the resin was used in the experiment of building formwork veneer. At the same time, the hot pressing technology of building formwork veneer was studied. The results show that the surface properties of building formwork are good when the hot pressing temperature is 140-150 C and the hot pressing time is 6-10 min. The problems of high curing temperature, long curing time and poor alkali resistance of template veneer were solved. In summary, this study has reference value for further theoretical development and practical application of phenolic impregnated paper. Gather up

Performance Requirements and Production Process Analysis of Base Paper for   Film-coated film faced plywood Formwork

The performance requirements of building formwork base paper (formwork base paper) coated with plastic film are comprehensively analyzed, and its main quality indexes are given. Two typical production processes are also discussed and studied in order to provide some reference and guidance for the template base paper manufacturers and those who are developing the products.

Key words: barium phenolic resin, impregnation, film paper, building formwork,


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