Study on VOC release characteristics of decorative particleboard for interior decoration

Study on VOC release characteristics of decorative particleboard for interior decoration

Abstract: with the enhancement of social environmental awareness, people begin to pay attention to indoor environmental quality, especially indoor air pollution. There are many factors that affect indoor air pollution, one of the important pollution sources is wood-based panel and decorative materials. Therefore, the research and control of VOC release from wood-based panel is an important measure to alleviate indoor air pollution. In this paper, poplar particleboard was used as the base material to study the effect of different facing materials and methods on the release of organic volatiles and free formaldehyde of particleboard, explored the VOC release composition, release rule and influencing factors of veneered particleboard under different hot pressing conditions, evaluated the VOC release of veneered Particleboard in the process of aging, and predicted the VOC release of veneered particleboard. Release. Starting from the surface coating process of veneer particleboard, the TVOC release law of particleboard under different coating process conditions was studied, the coating process was optimized, and its environmental protection performance was improved. Based on the statistical analysis of the experimental results, the overall properties of the coated particleboard were compared. At last, the VOC attenuation of particleboard with water-based varnish, alkyd varnish and nitrocellulose varnish is tested, which provides scientific suggestions for the production and use of particleboard for interior decoration. Gather up

Key words: surface decoration of Particleboard

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