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Summary and analysis of six common shortcomings of Film faced plywood

Summary and analysis of six common shortcomings of Film faced plywood

Generally speaking, there are six common defects in the quality of Film faced plywood



1、 Warpage of Film faced plywood


It is caused by the great thermal stress of Film faced plywood. The reason is that the water content of the surface and back Film faced plywood is not consistent, the matching of double Film faced plywoods of different greening plants is not scientific, the double Film faced plywoods have twisted lines, the temperature of some laminated Film faced plywoods is insufficient, and the Film faced plywood accumulation is unfair.


2、 Edge degumming


The reason for this kind of defect is that the edge of the laminated Film faced plywood is damaged, which leads to insufficient working pressure, the slab edge in each interval is not aligned at both ends, the slab is tilted when loading, the working pressure is uneven, the level of squeezing is not enough when the double Film faced plywood edge is not stuck, the glue is weak, the edge is short of glue, the glue is too early and dry, and the temperature in some areas of the pin is poor.


3、 Bulge and local degumming



The reason is that the rate of lowering blood pressure is too fast, the glue pressing time is not enough, the water content of the double board is too high, when dispensing glue, the entrance will be cut or the double board will be covered with impurities and sticky dirt, or the temperature of the double board of Chinese fir will be too high.


4、 Penetration


The reasons are too thin adhesive, too much glue, too deep gap on the opposite side of double board, too high water content of double board, too long curing time and too high working pressure.


5、 Lamination and separation of core Film faced plywood


The reason is that the embedded gap is too large or too small when the core is arranged by the parts for manual service, the blockboard is displaced and overlapped when loading, and the edges of the parts are uneven.


6、 The compression strength of the Film faced plywood is low


The key is that the glue quality is not very good. The pressing standard is not well controlled, such as the pressing temperature is low, the working pressure is not enough, and the pressing time is too short. If the moisture content of double board is too high, the dispensing amount is not enough, the quality of double board is poor, and the curing time is too long or too short, the compressive strength of plywood will also be reduced.

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