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CARB P1 ,CARB P2 Formaldehyde release standard

CARB P1 ,CARB P2 Formaldehyde release standard Carb P1: Formaldehyde release from MDF < 0.21ppm/M3 Formaldehyde emission from Particleboard < 0.18ppm/M3 Formaldehyde emission from plywood < 0.08ppm/M3 Carb P2: Formaldehyde release from MDF < 0.11ppm/M3 Formaldehyde emission from Particleboard < 0.09ppm/M3 Formaldehyde emission from plywood < 0.05ppm/M3 Ppm is the …

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Plywood Glue Types

Plywood Glue Types Glue is the main raw materials used for plywood ,if no glue can not name plywood . Glue has many types , 1.MR ,the basic traditional glue ,NOn-water resistant . 2.E2 , 3.E1, 4.E0 (Different countries and associations have different formaldehyde emission standard lelves ,such as ,CARB …

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