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CONIFEROUS (PINE) PLYWOOD,is belong to softwood plywood,such as hoop pine ,radiata pine ,russia pine ,chinese pine plywood . Sizes: 2440×1220, 1220×2440 mm Thickness: 6.5, 8.0, 9.0, 9.5, 12.0, 12.5, 15.0, 18.0, 19.0, 21.0, 22.0, 24.0 mm Tolerance on length (width) of the plywood sheets: ± 2 mm Sanded two sides – S2  S1 …

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SOFTWOOD PLYWOOD A collection of practical panels comprised of coniferous tree species and created with structural purposes and applications in mind. Softwood Plywood provides a perfect solution for applications where all-round performance, strength and stability are valued over aesthetic qualities (while some designers and joiners quite like the rustic, industrial …

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