Huawei 5G and AI technologies
Huawei 5G and AI technologies

Taking advantage of 5G and AI technologies for quality control of wood based panels Part 2

A few days ago, we published an article on 5G intelligent monitoring equipment to help local Wood-based Panel Companies in China to do quality control. We received some emails asking for detailed information about these equipment, such as price, function and so on.

I went to five high-grade eco-panel melamine plywood  factories in Linyi and two factories in Xuzhou to make high-grade decorative plywood. They almost all used one brand, but I couldn’t reveal the name of the factories and the equipment used for the time being because of the agreement between them.

From the effect of their use, they tend to do high-end plywood quality control, complete equipment, very human, the conventional wood-based panel processing defects and natural defects photos and names into the computer system, and then input the relevant defect parameters restrictions, such as the number and size of allowable, location and so on. If the value exceeds the limit, the equipment will automatically transfer the unqualified panels to the area to be inspected. According to the parameters, qualified wood-based panels will enter the packaging process.

These seven wood-based panels factories mainly produce melamine eco-panels, mainly in the domestic market, of which 2 are for domestic cabinet factories to make paint substrates, with very high requirements.

For this reason, I consulted the equipment supplier on the spot specially. He told me that the equipment is very expensive and not suitable for the middle and low grade plywood. Because there are many defects in the middle and low grade plywood, the equipment is easy to cause misjudgment, and for the factory, it has not got better quality control, but increased the cost of control.






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