Talking about the Development Trend of Wood-based Panels in 2019 Part 1

Talking about the Development Trend of Wood-based Panels in 2019 Part 1

Under the circumstance of global concern about climate change, decreasing world exploitable forest resources and increasing demand for wood and its products by social and economic development, wood-based panels should be developed by making full use of such resources as artificial fast-growing commercial forests, forest cultivation and harvesting residues, production and construction, and wood fibers abandoned in the process of renewal and transformation, in order to replace traditional wood products and protect the sky. However, forest resources, improving the ecological environment, and meeting the needs of economic construction and social development for forest products, have an irreplaceable role and the ability of long-term sustainable development.

I. Current Situation of China’s Wood-based Panel Industry

Encouraged by the relevant preferential policies of the state, China’s wood-based panel industry has undergone a process from introduction, digestion and absorption to subversion of traditional processes and continuous innovation and development. The Italian poplar varieties introduced in the 1970s and the non-stick spindle rotary cutting machine developed by our country, as well as a large number of cheap labor force in the countryside, have contributed a lot to the rapid development of wood-based panel industry in China.

China’s Wood-based Panel Production and Growth in 2011-2017

Although China has become one of the major countries in wood-based panel production and the largest country in medium fiberboard production, it is not a powerful country. It is an indisputable fact that there is a big gap between the developed regions and countries in the world in terms of production scale, equipment manufacturing level, production technology, product quality and specifications, product processing and market application. As a substitute for wood products, wood-based panels are superior to natural wood in structure and physical and mechanical properties. In recent years, the continuous increase in output and sales has made the industry in a vigorous development. Relevant experts predict that, influenced by the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, with the completion of a large number of new houses, the renovation of old houses, the updating of household and office furniture, China’s wood-based panel industry still has great development space and broad market prospects.

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