Talking about the Quality of Bleached Poplar

Talking about the Quality of Bleached Poplar

Cabinet board bleached poplar as a board material may not be directly contacted, but for plywood manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, we should pay special attention to the quality of bleached poplar products.

The grades and specifications of bleached poplar wood are different. Generally, the bleached poplar wood products are classified as first-class, second-class, super-grade, first-class and second-class. The higher the grade, the better the quality and the whiter the color. Many sheets can be distinguished by observing texture, color, smoothness and other external characteristics. High quality bleached poplar wood has smooth surface, uniform color, neat texture, no obvious cracks and wormholes. Metasequoia glyptostroboides

If the color of bleached poplar wood turns yellow, there may be problems of inadequate bleaching treatment or mildew caused by poor external storage conditions.

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