Technical essentials and precautions of veneering

Technical essentials and precautions of veneering

Firstly, the natural wood face veneer is divided into thick and thin face veneer. We often say that thick face veneer generally refers to the 0.5mm wood face veneer commonly used in the market. The thin skin is usually less than 0.3 mm. The thickness of veneer varies with the method and equipment of veneering. The 0.5mm veneer is not suitable for manual veneer because it is thicker. It can only be used on a small amount of edge sealing. A large number of edge-sealing products will also use wooden edge-sealing strips. This 0.5mm veneer is manufactured by a hot press with hundreds of tons of pressure. Substrates can be varied, plywood, MDF, particleboard, fire-proof board can be pasted. The pasted products are firm and beautiful.


Wood face veneer under 0.3mm is more suitable for hand-bonding. At present, the thin face veneer extends to non-woven wood and kraft paper. They are all for the convenience of hand-pasting. Hand glue is the key, we must choose a good viscosity of dehydration, too thin on the sticky, generally with woodworking special white latex. Thin skin is best soaked in water, aired to half-dry before pasting, too wet or too dry may lead to problems. In the process of sticking the face veneer, the excess face veneer after splicing the two face veneers is sanded as far as possible. Do not scrape the surface of the face veneer with a knife blade in order to avoid damaging the surface of the face veneer. More attention should be paid to the construction of wood face veneer below 0.15mm. Especially for light-colored wood, it’s better to apply a concealer similar to the face veneer to avoid exposure. The effect of this paste is good.

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